Where to Buy AeroTransport Logbooks:

You may find that shipping is less complicated if you order from a local or regional supplier in this list:

Boeing-Aviall Canada:

Boeing-Aviall Canada: Aviall website:

To contact Aviall Customer Care Centre in Calgary, Winnipeg, Toronto, or Montreal, from anywhere in Canada, phone 800-284-2551

Or Contact Aviall Vancouver CSC: 604-270-6144 or Aviall Toronto CSC: 905-676-1695.

NOTE: When ordering from Boeing, use the following Boeing catalog #s, inserting a "zero" character where shown below:

Logbook TitleSection #Boeing Catalog #
Airframe LogbookSection 1   SECTIØN1
Installations LogbookSection 2SECTIØN2
Engine LogbookSection 3SECTIØN3
Propeller LogbookSection 4SECTIØN4
Component LogbookSection 5SECTIØN5
Journey LogbookJØURNEYLØG
Logbook BinderBINDER

Aircraft Spruce Canada:

Aircraft Spruce Canada tollfree: 1-877-795-2278

Click here for the Aircraft Spruce Canada Catalog

Aircraft Spruce USA:

Aircraft Spruce USA tollfree: 1-800-861-3192

Click here for the Aircraft Spruce USA Catalog

Aircraft Spruce INTERNATIONAL (Outside North America):

Click here for Aircraft Spruce International distributors

Flight City CYVR:

Flight City YVR: Flight City Website: or 604-244-0140