Aviation Exam Tutor™ (a totally-free exam-prep application)

Exam Tutor™ is a fully self-contained application intended for pilots and engineers who are planning on doing their written exams, both Transport Canada and FAA (pilots only). The Exam Tutor™ contains all necessary charts, maps, and diagrams needed to complete the Tutor assignmnts and exams. You are graded at the end of each stage, and the Exam Tutor™ keeps track of your progress.

Canadian AME students can find here a Tutor for the Canadian Air Regs for AMEs) exam, plus extra study material. The remaining AME exams (Airframe,Powerplant, and General) are almost identical to the FAA exams, and printed/digital sample exams can be purchased easily online.

The most important feature of the Exam Tutor™ is that you will be able to easily complete the official exams after completing the Exam Tutor™ sequence.

Note that there is no charge for using the Exam Tutor™. It's entirely free, with no obligation!

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If you're already registered, this selection will take you directly to the Exam Tutor; otherwise you will be taken to the Registration page. Most times you will have to sign in twice for confidentiality and security. To proceed, click on the image above!